Bonsai Pirates

Pirate, Folk

Yoho! We are the Bonsai Pirates.

Yoho! We are the Bonsai Pirates. We be a 5 piece folk-pop-indie-pirate act! A motley crew hailing from the sunny shores of Bournemouth. We play folky acoustic sea shanties for the pleasure of dastardly land lubbers.  Our aim at every show is to get people up, dancing, singing and smiling.

We sings songs of love, booze, the sea and tattoos, perfect for any festival or venue! Our line up boasts guitar, bass, drums, male and female vocals and French rap! “Beautifull bouncy and perfectly piratey, Bonsai Pirates were a massive hit with the audience. Leaving several infectious sing-a-long lines echoing in their minds. Freshfields had a pirate party and we loved it!” – Freshfields Festival

“Bonsai Pirates aren’t just mariners with a fondness for horticulture – they are fun, upbeat and original. Plus they have their own theme tune, what more could you want?” – Daniel Roth, Hot Radio