Death Pop

Swamp and Roll

Hard and fast swamp 'n' roll from the badlands of Slough and the Rhondda Valley.

Spanning two centuries, Death Pop are Jim Fry, vocals and mouth harp, Vic Doyle, guitar, Jon Dathen, bass and Kent Davies on drums for English gigs, and Topper on drums in Wales. Death Pop’s manifesto is live music, original songs and full throttle playing. Theirs is the sound of the urban swamp and post industrial valley. This is music for the dispossessed. When they do perform a sprinkling of other people’s songs, all from the darker side of rock ‘n’ roll, they are mutated, layered with new flesh.

You can catch Death Pop playing in and around their home precincts of Slough and the Rhondda Valley, and anywhere else that’s enlightened enough to have them. Since getting back on the road in 2010, Death Pop have released two albums The Siege Of Sebastopol and Psychomania, three singles, Candyman, Black Christ and Little Sister.The band are busy recording their third album.

Originating in 1982, Death Pop played solidly throughout early 80’s Berkshire with occasional forays into London, supporting such punk luminaries as Jayne County and Cocksparrer. They gained a strong following and independently released their first 45″ single Roger’s Gone Mad, garnering radio play courtesy of Radio 1’s stalwart John Peel. The original line up had Martin Giles on drums and Saraan Platt on sax.

Swift and dirty, putting the grit back into music.