London-Irish Psycho-Céilidh Rockers

"Bringing Irish Punk past The Pogues… at last, a worthy contender for the Celtic punk crown is born!"

The bastard love child of Joe Strummer and Shane MacGowan, Neck inhabit a musical niche rich in traditional Irish tunes but liberally dosed with a strong punk ethic. Firm favourites across the live circuits of the UK, Europe and the good old US of A, Neck drag any crowd into the party with their infectious reels, powerful riffs and fantastic lyrics.

Taking their lead, both musically & ideologically, from the other mighty London rebel bands – The Pogues and The Clash – NECK ‘carry the torch’ a stage further with their own, unique London-Irish brew of wild, swirling Traditional Irish music & raucous, full-on Pink Rock : rip-roaring, irrepressible ‘Psycho-Ceilidh!’

Led by the authentic, passionate voice of Leeson O’Keeffe, an original member of Shane MacGowan’s Popes (& some-time Alabama 3 banjo-ish AND Hayseed Dixie collaborator), NECK are contemporaries (& friends) of The Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly. You don’t have to be Irish to love Neck – but it helps!