The GoGo Cult

50's Psychedelic Punk

From a heavily armed farmhouse in the swamplands of Reading crawl the Go Go Cult.

Hatched from eggs discovered in the wastelands of Mongolia, left behind by creatures not of this world, the Go GoCult were raised by a crazed scientist hell bent on world destruction. Strangely, The Go Go Cult had other ideas and after finally breaking free from his evil clutches and abandoning him helpless in his mountain lair The Go Go Cult set about spreading their unique brand of sleazy fifties psycho-delic voodoo punk sci-fi gospel. With the aid of their trusty Cult-O-Phonic Hypno ray The Go Go Cult have begun warping minds wherever they appear, leaving audiences helpless to refuse their Go Go will. Walk into the light…

Members: Go Go Nige – Vocals, fuzztone & Tremelo, Go Go Matt – Guitars and howling, Go Go Leo – Prince of porcelain and chancellor of the low end rumble, Go Go Lloyd – Voodoo Beat. A Voodoobilly concoction that crosses the Psychobilly and Garage genres.

The Go-Go Cult sound like a mix of The Cramps and The Tallboys – so if you like 1980s Psychobilly and Trash, you’ll dig these guys for sure.