The Redhillbillies


Six individuals from North Somerset boasting five decades of music between them!

In today’s fast paced music scene there is a sense of urgency, a drive, an obsession to be the first hybrid and fusion – to find the new sound. There is, however, amongst this whirlwind and race a natural pause, an in breath a place warm and familiar – that is the Redhillbillies.

Using a collection of traditional, country, 50s and more recent tunes the Redhillbillies create warm nostalgic, foot tapping, partner swinging and sunshine smile on your face music. Staying true to what they do best – which is having a whole lot of fun! They have insurgent Rhythms, heartbeat stops and five part harmonies and a democratic attitude which allows all in the band to take lead vocals. Most importantly a band chemistry that is unshakeable.

The Band all take lead vocals throughout their performances and have six way harmonies on some of their tracks. ?They have a joy and a big sense of fun that carries across in their performances and a genuine love for each other that most bands would be envious of. ?They create a warm, nostalgic old time sound that mixes the magic of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, country, bluegrass and 50s sound with an upbeat country feel. their sound flows like good country cider and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and send your foot a tappin.